Our business solutions are global.

We’ve partnered with a variety of carriers to provide workforces on an international scale with efficient software. Companies worldwide rely on our applications to enhance the ways they operate.

United States

In the United States market, we offer our Actsoft-branded solution Mobile Workforce Plus, as well as AT&T Workforce Manager under AT&T Business. Actsoft partnered with AT&T in 2016 to provide American companies with an end-to-end application on the reliability of AT&T’s network. The partnership was recently renewed through 2021.


For customers in Canada, we also offer our Mobile Workforce Plus solution to further enhance their business practices via digital transformation and automation.


Actsoft’s partnership with Vodafone Group began in 2016. India was the first market prepared for the Vodafone Idea Mobile Workforce Essentials application, and the second was the South African market. The Vodafone Idea MWE product is an intuitive, wide-ranging business tool for digitally managing remote workforces.

United Kingdom

Actsoft’s Comet Suite collection is distributed to the United Kingdom market through Wireless Workforce.


Malaysian communications company Maxis teamed up with Actsoft to create Maxis mWorkforce in 2018. Leveraging the power of their brand in tandem with our software’s capabilities, Maxis remains a strong international business partner of ours; we continue to blaze a trail into the future of remote workforce management together.

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