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Healthcare Workers

Serve patients more effectively with a HIPAA-compliant solution for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).

Mobile Workforce Plus offers a collection of features to help healthcare organizations more effectively track their mobile medical staff’s patient visits in the field, care for more clients, and reduce the costs associated with reaching them daily. MWP’s Vault tier also supports HIPAA compliance, offering solutions for EVV that satisfy requirements with the 21st Century CURES Act.

In the Office

Maintain unparalleled field insight on the operations of your team of nurses or caregivers.

Plan out visit schedules in advance wirelessly to reduce downtime and ensure proper service.

Reduce paperwork costs and delays via digital forms that are faster to process.

In the Field

Monitor the near real-time positions of your mobile nurses and caregivers during working hours.

View the locations of your company’s medical vehicles at any time of day for greater security.

In an emergency, quickly redirect your closest available employees to the location in question.

Your Customers

Increase the reliability and accessibility of your services to patients with a versatile solution for assigning caregivers.

Provide better, more immediate care if critical situations occur regarding patient health.

Reach customers smarter and more efficiently via a single software that makes managing mobile medical staff easier to do.

Essential Features

Visit Scheduling
Digitally assign your mobile nurses’ schedules in advance to reduce downtime; plus, communicate new instructions to them on the fly while they’re in the field to help care for more patients daily.
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Wireless Forms
Simplify the paperwork process for your caregivers and patients alike with electronic forms that keep Protected Health Information (PHI) encrypted while it’s at rest and in transit.
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GPS Tracking
See the positions of your dispersed mobile medical workers on a live view map and use their near real-time locations to make more informed decisions that keep productivity high.
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Mobile Timekeeping
Allow your mobile workers to clock in and out directly from the convenience of their mobile devices and use digital timesheets to keep accurate logs of hours they’ve worked.
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Fleet and Asset
Keep track of your medical vehicles and equipment via GPS Tracking. Monitor the driving behaviors of your mobile employees while ambulances are in use for enhanced safety.
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HIPAA Compliance
Reduce your organization’s potential for costly fines or data breaches by collecting and submitting the data you need through MWP Vault’s highly secure, HIPAA-compliant handset and web applications.
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Mobile Workforce Plus Vault: EVV Solutions

The six key data points required to be tracked for both Personal Care Service (PCS) and Home Health Care Nursing services (HHCNs) are:

  • Patient name
  • Date
  • Location
  • Type of service performed
  • Home health provider’s name
  • Start and end time of delivered care

Mobile Workforce Plus EVV helps your team of mobile caregivers track each of these automatically through its Wireless Forms feature.

Additional benefits of Mobile Workforce plus EVV:

  • Help reduce instances of insurance fraud.
  • Eliminate overbilling.
  • Enhance worker safety.
  • Keep accurate visit times.

Integrated Fleet and Asset Tracking

Our solution is compatible with Geotab hardware, as well as CalAmp tracking devices for both vehicle and asset monitoring. It’s easy to connect these devices, and they work seamlessly in tandem with our software to provide diagnostics on fleet or equipment locations, routine maintenance, driving characteristics by employees who regularly operate company vehicles, and more. Make smarter business decisions with information gathered from secure, integrated fleet and equipment tracking.

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