Good news for gas: The prices are dropping and EPA is urging carmakers to validate mileage claims.

You may have noticed a little extra jingle in your pockets after filling up your tank at the gas station. This is because gas prices are dropping and are projected to keep on a steady decline, according to a report on The national average is under $3.50 per gallon, that’s lower than it was this time last year. You can thank reasonably stable international oil supplies coupled with few disruptions in oil-rich countries like Iraq as well as strong oil production in the United States.

As long as there are no major disasters or political outbreaks, the gas prices should continue to drop steadily.

Along with this welcome increase in fuel savings, the Environmental Protection Agency is also helping motorists make wise gas decisions. According to a recent report, the EPA is considering a rule that would require automakers to back up their advertised mileage claims with test results in real-life scenarios. According to Automotive News, this proposal comes on the heels of massive customer complaints stating major discrepancies between advertised “window sticker” gas mileage numbers and actual gas mileage. Companies such as Ford, Hyundai, and Kia had to restate mileage figures following such complaints.

“Ford recently cut the official gas mileage figures on six models in response to criticism that its hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, along with the 2014 Ford Fiesta, struggled to hit their quoted ratings,” wrote Automotive News.

For companies who can’t afford to rely on geopolitical situations and watch groups like the EPA to make sure fuel costs are not out of hand, there are everyday solutions that are essential to companies with small to large fleets.

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